(1948-to the present day)

Noel Edmonds was born in Ilford, Essex so he could be near his parents Dudley and Lydia who coincidentally were also called Edmonds-small world.

Noel attended The Glade Primary School excelling at hopscotch; finger puppetry and quantum physics before moving his intellectual might to Brentwood School where he dreamed of becoming a former pupil. Fellow luminaries include the disgraced Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, the visionary Douglas Adams and Britain’s most miserable comic Griff Rhys Jones.

It would be rather unfair to describe Edmonds sojourn at Brentwood as a waste of time but to over analyze it would indeed be a complete waste of time.

On release he undertook a gap year teaching in a Primary School and then suddenly realizing a gap was a space between two things he looked around for another thing and found Radio Luxembourg. Edmonds stellar career as a newsreader was compromised by his inability to take the job seriously so he retired from broadcasting and joined the BBC.

30 years later Edmonds left the BBC, or rather the BBC left him, and there is little trace of what he actually achieved in those wasted 3 decades. He has filled his twilight years as a freelance box opener but dreams of returning to his first love, base jumping .

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