Dom's FOOD mission was launched on May 13th 2015 by husband and wife Dom & Alexandria Warren with the  intention of helping less fortunate people to find food and to stop food waste. They started with a Facebook group of around 30 members, held car park donation days and gathered food donations from everyone to help the local food banks.

In a commendably short time they have established donation points in Morrisons and Asda superstores Hastings; are signed beneficiary's of Morrisons and M&S of Hastings; have received an award for services to the community; grown the Facebook group to over 3.2k members; created a website and on May 4th they were awarded charity status!

We at Noels’ Webmag applaud Dom and Alexandria. Its an incredible achievement in such a short time and Dom's FOOD mission continues to help feed as many people as possible and the food that was being wasted is now being made into meals for deserving people.