Why act your age?

I am very flattered when people say to me "you haven't changed over the years" - well of course I have but maybe I don't look like most men in their late 60's.

Why? I put it down to a combination of special exercise, balanced nutrition and PEMF.

Self health - take responsibility

A lot of people wait for something to go wrong health wise before doing anything-that's crazy.

I've heard people say-" I've got health insurance, my mate is a doctor, I play golf twice a week and walk the dog on Sunday's I don't need this device."

These are the same people who become dementia, cardiac and cancer statistics!

Why should you believe me?

Simple- I'm the living proof it works. And I can introduce you to people who have experienced even more dramatic benefits:

A lady whose post-operative fractures healed so quickly her consultant was shocked. A chap who drank too much, chain smoked cigars and was "nil point" in the bedroom department. After just 6 weeks the cigars were gone, the wine bill was minuscule and the...was big again.

I know of people in remission from cancer who attribute this state in part to regular use of the Pad and arthritis suffers now free of crippling pain.

The benefits go on and I can hear you saying "so if it's so good Edmonds why haven't I heard about it? Why hasn't my doctor/consultant told me about it? Why is it such a secret?"


The power of magnetism has been known for thousands of years, the medical benefits of pulsed magnetism have been recognised for centuries and the technology has been available for over 50 years. I'm not interested in conspiracy theories about why the FDA in America outlawed the technology a century ago or the role of pharmaceutical companies and their relationship with medical professionals all I care about is that the maximum number of people do derive the maximum benefit from this extraordinary technology.

Or to put it another way it has worked for me for the past few years, it's totally changed my lifestyle and I'm confident it'll work for you.

My final point on the subject is that a couple of thousand pounds is indeed a significant sum of money but is that really more important than your health, general well-being and your success in life? If you had a further 10 years of less stress, less pain, fewer sleepless night's and you saw your skin improving, your hair and nails growing and you felt 20 years younger I reckon a couple of grand suddenly feels like a penny.





We all know the human race is surfing the waves of an incredible technological revolution. It's difficult to imagine that we actually need any more gadgets.

However here's a question for you-how long do we have to wait for someone to invent a simple piece of technology that slows the ageing process, reduces stress and depression, eliminates insomnia, reduces physical pain and enhances the overall lifestyle experience?

The answer-it exists right now and you can buy it right now.

Until four years ago I was having to regularly visit an osteopath in order to have my back realigned. Apparently these "seizures" were a consequence of my significant workload and I was actually suffering structural stress in the true engineering sense.

Fortunately my osteopath is a true believer in self health and the maintenance of the body energy system for maximum health and well-being. He also advocates a scientific approach to self healing hence his in-depth knowledge of the fascinating subject of PEMF-Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields. Yes,I agree it's a mouthful but all you have to appreciate is that certain pulsed electromagnetic signals can be used to maintain a healthy body.

The emphasis has to be upon "certain frequencies" because many are actually very bad for us. Hence the debate about electro smog and the impact upon human health.

So I started using a device that I now refer to simply as the pad. It has fundamentally changed my lifestyle for the better and you can't say that about many technologies. I totally agree that the pad isn't cheap but the buying decision should be based upon your lifestyle priorities. If you would rather have an exotic holiday, a widescreen telly or part of a fancy lightweight bicycle then you will not want to purchase a pad.

But if you'd like to sleep better, reduce pain and physical discomfort and look years younger than your age I recommend you postpone the holiday,make do with the old telly and buy the bike when you have a lot more energy- and believe me you will after a few weeks of PEMF.

It couldn't be simpler.

You lie on this mat thingy for just 8 minutes daily, you can do longer if you need to, you don't really feel anything and you can relax, read a book or even send emails if you must and all your cells get a shower of lovely pulsed magnetism and you're set up for the day.

Frankly I don't know why the benefits of pulsed electromagnetism are not more widely promoted by healthcare professionals.

All I know is that it works for me.

We should all be grateful that in the UK we have one of the most highly regulated healthcare industries. In many parts of the world those suffering ill health are not so lucky and consequently they may fall prey to bogus medicines and medical practices. We all want to have confidence in any medicines we are prescribed and any health services and products we may require.

I believe it's also important to carry out one's own ‘due diligence’ by which I mean I always try to acquire as much information as possible before engaging in any treatment related to my health and well-being. I would recommend this approach to anyone who is serious about enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

In my experience the best information frequently comes from those who, independent of any commercial influence, have personal experiences to relate.

“The tragedy of modern life is the loss of tolerance, informed opinion and curiosity. Without curiosity we as  a species can never progress”

I have already stated my respect for consumer protection. It must be very difficult for the authorities, human beings after all with frailties, inadequacies and prejudices we all may possess, to decide what is and what isn’t in the public interest. As they struggle with what manufacturers and suppliers of PEMF devices can and cannot say it’s left to us, the public, to find the answers to key questions.

The PEMF industry claims it works for animals. The horseracing world has used it for decades to legally enhance racehorse performance. Vets regularly use PEMF to treat a wide range of conditions on a variety of animals both big and small.

Many scientific research models for specific diseases have been developed in animals, which have similar body functions to our own. These include coronary disease and arthritis in dogs, antioxidants in guinea pigs and cancers in mice. With this in mind:

If as the manufacturers claim, PEMF therapy is beneficial for arthritis, circulatory problems, fractures, seizures, skin disorders, cancer, ageing, diabetes and pain relief in animals (with similar body function to human beings) is it possible that humans could derive the same benefits?

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