During the winter of 2006-7 Liz and I were living in a wonderful old farmhouse in Wiltshire. It was actually three workers cottages converted into a lovely period dwelling.

One very cold January evening we were sitting around the kitchen table with our great friends Kauser and Johannes discussing a variety of spiritual, well-being and energy topics. Liz mentioned that shortly after her Nan passed away a Peacock butterfly flew into the room and settled close to her. Subsequently Peacock butterflies have appeared on the anniversary of Nans passing and on other significant occasions. I responded by saying how much I would appreciate a similar sign from my late parents who gave me so much and who I miss greatly.

The conversation then rambled on in the way that it does when friends are sitting around a table sharing thoughts and memories until I left the kitchen and went upstairs to collect a book from my bedside cabinet.

What happened next was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life because resting on my pillow, slowly fluttering its wings, was a Peacock butterfly. I have never ever seen an active butterfly indoors in January. I immediately called for the others to join me and as we gathered together Liz spotted a second butterfly on the bedside lamp. Incredibly, shortly after asking for some sort of sign from my late parents these 2 Peacock butterflies appeared.

Liz made up some sugar water and we actually fed the butterflies from a teaspoon. All the time they made tiny noises and they clearly enjoyed the drink.


It was such an extraordinarily emotional moment that Kauser took a picture of us with the butterflies and so began my fascination with Orbs, because as you can see there are some strange round objects in the photograph. What are they?

Since that amazing evening in January 2007 we have taken many photographs featuring these circular objects. I have read a number of books on the subject and of course trawled the Internet for more information.

Some people believe that Orbs are evidence of spiritual energy; others dismiss them as a trick of the light or camera malfunction. What is certain is that the subject of Orbs is worthy of greater examination and debate, which is why I fully support the Great Orb Debate.

If this subject interests you please visit their website and make your own contribution to the debate.


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