I've been observing the Top Gear shenanigans with great interest and not a little amusement. Firstly there was Jeremy allegedly punching a producer because he fancied a fillet steak rather than a stale sandwich. Nothing new there because as one of the original Top Gear presenters, I can testify that Angela Rippon and I were always thumping seven bells out of each other. Trust me, Top Gear has a history of presenter violence.

Then we had the denials from Chris Evans shortly before he executed a perfect handbrake U-turn and accepted the poisoned chalice that is post-Jeremy, Top Gear. Large swathes of the media now appear very keen on the idea that the chalice will deliver a fatal result. I'm actually a huge Chris Evans supporter and think he’s one of the finest presenter/producers of his generation. Failure is not a word Chris recognises.

I've been a fan of Jeremy ever since we shared a double bed for a whole weekend in 1995. It was an extraordinary two days at the Le Mans 24-hour race, in which he chain smoked, quaffed gallons of coffee and alcohol, and didn't appear to consume any solid food at all. His piece-de-resistance was striding up the Le Mans pit lane and goose-stepping past the Porsche garage

Two years later Jeremy was one of a team of chums supporting my attempt to win the Le Mans 24-hour race. I didn't.

Chris, Jeremy and I are happy to be described as ‘petrol heads’ but I’ve now done something which the other two definitely haven't-I've founded my own car company, and designed and manufactured a sports car to my own specification.

Okay, I'm not talking VW production figures but at least my cars emissions aren't fiddled. In fact I'm delighted to say there is absolutely nothing ‘green’ about it at all. Before all the Greenpeace activists descend on me I should point out LaRiviera is in ultra, ultra, ultra low production. Even working flat out we can only make five a year so the environmental impact is not even a nudge.

LaRiviera captures the style and grace of a bygone age in a celebration of the taste and elegance of the pioneering sports car era of the 1930s. LaRiviera is an ‘homage’ to that great British sports car, the Jaguar SS 100, except the car we produce combines traditional craftsmanship with modern comfort and reliability. I wanted a sports car that was stylish and elegant, that was fun to drive and didn't end every journey on the back of a tow truck. Nobody makes such a thing so I had a go myself.

Kindly check out the LaRiviera video and you will see that I achieved my ambition.

Ps. Jeremy couldn’t fit in it-yippee!!


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