Last autumn I spent three days in Hertfordshire trashing the homes of really lovely people. Yes, they were getting a fee from Camelot but I hope it was a lot because this was serious trashing!

The National Lottery ad campaign is a brilliant idea that instantly appealed to my sense of humour. I've always felt that self deprecating humour is a very important human quality. Life is ridiculous enough without people taking themselves too seriously. Over the years I've played lots of pranks in a professional and private capacity and so when people do it to me the least I can do is accept with good grace and have a jolly good laugh.

Honestly for those three days I really didn't stop laughing. The crew were fantastic and we had a totally mad director who encouraged me to do whatever I wanted.  There was no script just the instruction to "go in and in the most outrageous manner possible close em down". So children's parties, family celebrations and even a full-blown wedding celebration were all closed down with maximum force and minimum sensitivity.

The original concept and the execution are of award-winning quality. Indeed I hope the agency do receive an award for such an imaginative campaign. If you haven't seen the ads they are here on this page. (although you won't see what happened when I burst into a wake-I think we all agreed we went a little too far!)

May I remind you not to hold any unregistered house parties.

Please do not annoy me by conducting illegal revelry. Even though I am not a monster if provoked I may just close down suppertime.