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Economists and city analysts will tell you it’s a very complex subject but at its core there is a simple explanation- the U.K.’s financial sector is systemically corrupt.


This has been identified in Parliament where yet again MPs agreed that the scale of the cost of the banker’s strategy of pillaging small to medium-sized UK enterprises has cost the country billions and is probably “the biggest crime in history” not just UK crime but the biggest crime in history anywhere in the world.


Who is responsible for the dire state of Britains finances?


So dire that the International Monetary Fund has calculated the net worth of 31 countries and the UK is right at the bottom of the table. Only Portugal, globally recognised as an economic basket case, has a lower net worth. The analysis shows that Britain has frittered away its assets in order to massage the public sector finances resulting in a nation without significant assets.


Another way of putting it – the UK is bust.


Now you can of course blame successive governments.You can say that the democratic process in the UK in which governments  have a limited time to implement new plans before they have to seek re-election makes it impossible to plan for the future. You can cite pressure from emerging markets and of course our long fractious relationship with the EU. But these are excuses that disguise the rotten core of the problem.


The UK financial system not only allows corruption- it actively encourages it.


We have in the UK an elite class of bankers who are simply above the law.They’re the most powerful people in the country and probably worldwide. This relatively small number of morally corrupt self-serving bankers bear most of the responsibility for the past 10 years of austerity and the disastrous state of the UK economy.




Time and time again the journalists talk of banking issues, banking shortcomings, banking wrongdoing and occasionally they spotlight banking corruption.But the terminology merely exacerbates the problem.This is a human disaster created by humans.


These corrupt bankers are human beings with no regard for their fellow man, woman or child.


The people who run our major banks think nothing of lying to Parliament, the regulators, the media and their own shareholders.These corrupt bankers supported by ineffectual regulators know that they can block any police investigations and simply create their own ‘independent’ investigations whenever their wrongdoing is uncovered.



Bankers, like Lloyds’ Horty Nosorio,  cause misery to millions and yet they simply stick 2 fingers up to  the rest of us knowing they are untouchable.


There are many reasons why the UK economy is shot to pieces. There are many reasons why we owe the world more money than the sum total of our assets.


But the No1 reason why the UK, as an economic and financial entity is no longer sustainable, is because the UK’s elite bankers continue to screw the rest of us.