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Just yesterday morning I received two emails, which chilled me to the core.


The first was from a lady in Somerset who in the early hours of the morning had been contemplating suicide but by some magical coincidence (if there really is such a thing) she found herself drawn to my story on the Internet. Realising so many similarities with my dark experience she found new optimism and energy. Through my agent John Miles she emailed me her gratitude.


Within a few hours we were having a lengthy telephone conversation and I’m delighted say that through the tears- on both sides- she now feels stronger and better able to face the challenges in her life. We have promised each other that we will keep in touch.


The second email was truly terrifying. A man recounted a brief story of the utter destruction that he has suffered at the hands of bankers. Nothing new there you may say. However, he revealed his intention to within the next 28 days go to his bank armed with a gun and commit suicide in front of the people who have destroyed his life.


I immediately contacted my local police, Avon and Somerset, and I commend them for the speed of their response. A few hours later they assured me that the man had now withdrawn his threat and was being cared for by friends and family.


How many more stories are out there? How many more livelihoods and lives have been destroyed? How much longer before these evil banksters are stopped and brought to justice?