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Please don’t agree terms with LLOYDS BANK if you can possibly wait a little longer.

We appreciate that many of you have had your lives and livelihoods destroyed and any  compensation money will help to pay bills and put food on the table.

However, there are two very good reasons why you shouldn’t give in to LLOYDS BANK right now if you can possibly hang on a little longer.

Firstly– The Griggs Review is a cynical, some would say evil, process in which victims suffer further torment as Lloyds representatives tell them they are not victims of criminality and their businesses would have failed anyway so they should take a token payment and sign a gagging order. If you think we are exaggerating just ask the members of the excellent SME ALLIANCE.

Those who have been able to remain outside the Review are negotiating very much better deals. Not great deals, not what they deserve, but certainly more money than is forthcoming from the odious “Prof” Griggs who is financially incentivised to keep offers as low as possible.

Secondly– Our sources within LLOYDS tell us there is now discord between senior executives.

Two camps are emerging. One is aligned with Horty Nosorio and Blackwell who have told so many lies to the media, Parliament and the police that they have to keep on with the LLOYDS strategy of “lie and deny”.

The alternative executive camp is pushing for full disclosure of past criminality and wrongdoing with an unconditional commitment to fully compensate victims not just for distress but also consequential losses. The insider opinion is that the second camp will win the day.When? is the big question.

So we say- if you possibly can hold out just a little bit longer- yes we know you’ve been patient for over a decade- but LLOYDS are now exposed and they can no longer hide behind their lies and shirk their responsibilities.

We will bring you more information in the coming days.

Remain strong, be resolute and believe the end is in sight.