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Antonio Horta Osorio(AHO), voted Britain’s top banker is a devious untrustworthy individual capable of lying his way out of any situation.

Yes, Fred ‘the shred’ Goodwin destroyed RBS, wrecked millions of lives and almost brought the UK economy to its knees with his lust for power, but when it comes to dishonesty Fred is an amateur.

AHO says he didn’t know about the HBOS crime before the trial…he’s lying.

AHO says Lloyds does not engage in the systematic destruction of small businesses…he’s lying.

AHO says Lloyds’ BSU is nothing like the RBS Global Restructuring Group, which destroyed over 90% of its customer’s businesses…he’s lying.

AHO says there has never been criminal activity in the Lloyds Bristol HQ…he’s lying.

AHO says no crimes have been committed in Lloyds London HQ…he’s lying.

What chance Lloyds can ever be trusted when their CEO lies to:

  • Customers
  • The media
  • The FCA
  • The SFO
  • The police
  • The Treasury
  • The Prime Minister
  • And his own family…

Last year AHO admitted cheating on his wife, not once but on multiple occasions. Fred Goodwin also had extramarital affairs but at least he did his nobbing in private.

AHO is so arrogant that he conducted his marital dishonesty in public. He demonstrated utter contempt for his wife and his family and in so doing confirmed what all Lloyd’s victims know-this heartless man is morally bankrupt.

The UK’s most corrupt banker?