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NOEL EDMONDS has been invited by the SME Alliance to join the panel at a “milestone meeting” to discuss the last 12 months of the fight for justice by the victim’s of UK bankers wrongdoing.




NOEL EDMONDS will explain:

* How to clean up UK banking and make the financial sector ‘fit for purpose’ post-Brexit.

* Why those called before the Treasury Select Committee should be required to take an oath.

*His views on the Griggs Review, or as he calls it, the Grigged Review.

* Why the Archbishop of Canterbury is refusing to meet him to discuss the plight of victims.

*How Antonio Horta Osorio pays no UK tax.

*Why Lloyds promotions with a mental health charity, Adam Henson of the BBC’s Countryfile and the Lloyds’ sponsorship of the City of London Police are cynical stunts worthy of Vladimir Putin.

*The experts assessment of the huge brand damage being inflicted on Lloyds.

*Why he believes Sir Charles Dunstone is implicated in the Lloyds/HBOS cover-up.

*Why the PPI claims deadline is illegal.

*Why he’s taken his fight to the ASA, the BBC, and celebrities who support Lloyds’ promotions and his fascinating exchanges with Andrew Bailey of the FCA.

NOEL EDMONDS will also share his personal experiences of his ‘David & Goliath’ fight including what really happened at the ‘Mediation Meeting’ held last November; how Lloyds panicked when he turned up at the AGM; he will update the meeting on his lawyers and private investigators progress-one of his legal team Prof David McIlroy is also on the panel- and reveal his forthcoming charity initiative to support victims of banking crime.