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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

Well well Antonio you certainly gave us a busy weekend!


We weren’t surprised by the negative media reaction to your ‘confession’ but we didn’t anticipate the info arriving from your

previous friends at Santander and from within LLOYDS.

It seems you weren’t too popular in your last job and your Times interview has got some of your former Santander playmates a bit miffed to say the least.


Its been suggested your ‘stress related issues’ were very apparent BEFORE you took the LLOYDS job!




As one woman says-” His alibi doesn’t makes sense. Presumably he went into the LLOYDS job knowing the issues and he apparently keeled over within weeks.Nah! I think he was a head case long before and the issues were never about pressure at work”

Another view suggests the same story and describes you alledgedly experiencing “recreational lifestyle issues”

whatever that means-rather than overwork.


Another accuser reckons-“his past antics would embarrass a Premier League Footballer”-phew.


We’ll leave the spicier stuff for another time but are you able to tell us what these people mean?

Or would such revelations damage your reputation and tarnish LLOYDS image still further?