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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

From: Trevor Mealham
Date: 22 September 2017 at 16:29:50 GMT+2
Subject: Noel


8 years ago Lloyds failed to introduce government backed lending that they told us they could and from there we spiraled to deep into overdraft.

4 years ago Lloyds forced us from a flexible overdraft to an unsuitable loan. We stressed that it didn’t suit our going forward. My partner was pretty much forced to sign their agreement.

Our manager at the time promised to set up a direct debit facility to collect customers subscriptions if we signed the loan. He failed to set the DD facility up which us over £1,000 pcm which wasn’t far short of the Lloyds repayments. He went on to deny the DD facility, which we have now acquired internal Lloyds emails showing he is a liar and let us down.

Today we are fighting Lloyds in court. As litigants in person they have put 2 barristers on us and 4-5 lawyers. Over kill or what. Threat letters come through regularly, yet they seem to think their pit bull approach and often lies are acceptable. As someone who has contributed to government consumer consultations, I know that much of what Lloyds are doing is not in the interest of Joe Public consumer rights. ….

In court their barrister has U turn lied on poignant evidence including the charge on our home that they are trying to engineer taking through lies and a particular judge who appears to be favouring their wants whilst stripping out relevant evidence we have brought to court pre trial. We have now made complaints about one judge as we really question how far Lloyds are now trying to break us.

In the last few days we have had to call in the police as a manager in Lloyds set up a draw-down facility without our knowledge or permission and passed nearly £26,000 out (against our name). We are told this is Identity Fraud.

Lloyd’s haven’t stopped since HBOS. They are continuing to play dirty, lie further and strip away decent peoples money. At present, when next in court the last judge and lying Lloyd’s barrister have stripped away crucial evidence and truth, meaning they are sending us to trial with no shield or armour to defend against them.

People also need to look close at the banks charges on their homes. They typically bring outside investment in from companies known as SPVs. What is concerning SPVs pay a borrowers repayments in full up front. Lloyds then just become collectors. But collecting for who. In our case it appears the SPV was dissolved. Lloyds should not be collecting funds for dissolved non trading companies.

Trevor Mealham