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Rachel Riley is demanding an apology!

Whether Rachel Riley received a fee for endorsing LLOYDS BANK and whether she kept it or passed it on is not relevant to the heart of the issue.

For whatever reason Riley has chosen to associate with a bank that  has been heavily criticised in Parliament; is being investigated by the APPG on fair business banking and the Treasury Select Committee; is currently the subject of multi- billion pound legal actions;is being investigated by the police and the National Crime Agency; has been fined hundreds of millions for money laundering offences and promoting tax evasion; and has admitted its criminal behaviour and responsibility for destroying the lives and livelihoods of hundreds and possibly thousands of hard-working British men and women but failed to pay adequate compensation to any of its victims for their mental anguish and losses.

Riley has set herself against public opinion and on behalf of LLOYDS victims we suggest she should distance herself from LLOYDS BANK forthwith because there is no middle ground in this issue- she is either with the victims or the perpetrators.

She wants an apology!!!!


“She should be on her hands and knees begging for forgiveness from the victims for such an appalling error of judgement.

Would Rachel Righteous like to meet:

Anthony Stansfeld the police and crime Commissioner for Thames Valley who can tell her about the extent of the criminality in the bank she supports…

The politicians of all parties now working to force LLOYDS to tell the truth and stop their criminal activities…

The widows of the businessmen who either took their own lives or suffered premature death because of stress and depression…..

The children who saw their homes repossessed and have their clothes and toys thrown out into the street……

The Turners who fought off 22 attempts to have their house taken from them but still fought on and were instrumental in bringing criminal bankers to justice…..

The media professionals who have relentlessly been exposing the malpractices and criminality within every area of Lloyds bank……

Would she like to admit she made a huge error and say sorry to the thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people who have had their lives and livelihoods destroyed by what Parliament has described as “the systemic corruption within Lloyds bank”- the bank she apparently is very happy to support? She’s either with the victims or the perpetrators.”