This very important  issue is that the ASA are allowing LLOYDS BANK to continue to use traditional advertising platforms to influence the outcome of investigations into their wrongdoing and criminal behaviour.

The LLOYDS BANK ‘ads’ are pure propaganda. They do not contain products or services or special offers. They are slushy sentimentality featuring their black horsey Nosorio and falsely position the bank as supportive of British people when all the evidence suggests LLOYDS BANK exploit customers and steal money from them.

Noel Edmonds first complaint was rejected by Joanne Middlewick on the ridiculous basis that the ASA could not be involved where there was current litigation. Ignoring the fact that Noel Edmonds has yet to issue legal proceedings (don’t worry the missiles are in the final stages of preparation) the complaint is that the ASA should not allow LLOYDS BANK to promote themselves in a manner which could be prejudicial to the outcome of the huge number of civil actions and criminal investigations currently under way.

In particular LLOYDS BANK are involved in a criminal investigation by Thames Valley police which is likely to lead to a criminal trial and its important that LLOYDS BANK are not permitted to influence a jury with their multi-million pound propaganda.Hence the very reasonable and appropriate request to the ASA to suspend such advertising until all civil and criminal matters are resolved.

Joanne has now passed the complaint to her manager and we await to see if the ASA will now decide to suspend this propaganda until all disputes with LLOYDS are settled or reveal themselves to be supportive of LLOYDS destruction of the lives of the very people the ASA are tasked with protecting.

NOEL EDMONDS 2nd complaint: