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Last week 5 Supreme Court judges made a judgement that should send shivers through the ranks of UK bankers.

Criminal law experts described the ruling as-“one of the most significant in a generation.”

Juries will no longer have to find that an offender himself thought he had behaved dishonestly.

One lawyer says-” For 35 years jurors have been told that defendants will only be guilty if the conduct complained of was dishonest by the standards of ordinary reasonable and honest people. However they also had to find that the offender must have realised that ordinary honest people would regard their behaviour as dishonest.

The Supreme Court has now said that this second limb of the test does not represent the law.”

Or to put it in the context of the bankers who have brought misery upon millions- they can no longer hide behind the defence that their actions are perfectly acceptable to their own profession and their own colleagues, so they are above the law.

This hugely significant change in the law will now make it very much more straightforward to  successfully prosecute immoral bankers behaving in a way that any ordinary, honest person would regard as dishonest.

There must be quite a few Lloyds executives who are not sleeping quite so well at present as the net tightens around them.