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Today yet another Parliamentary debate has taken place on the subject of the U.K.’s broken financial system.

Whilst many of the MPs made reference to the past debates having failed to stimulate action within the Treasury, the Home Office. the SFO and the FCA victims are left wondering how many more debates there will be on a subject which is crystal clear to the hundreds of thousands of banking victims across the UK?

Its all very well debating but victims want action-NOW!


However, it’s difficult to see how the necessary momentum can be created when MPs keep referring to offending banks rather than  corrupt bankers.

There will never be change in the U.K.’s systemically corrupt banking system whilst we keep talking about an entity rather than the individuals ( actually a very small number) who created the  immoral and frequently criminal strategy and carry it out whilst putting two fingers up to Parliament, the regulator, the police, the media and their shareholders.

In the case of Lloyds Bank the misery it bestows upon thousands of its victims is not created by its lavish London HQ, its opulent Edinburgh offices, the utterly corrupt Bristol HQ or any of its regional offices- it’s the top level bankers who are responsible and who should be brought to account.

We can have hundreds of debates in Parliament and the media can create acres of print and hours of broadcast material but nothing will change until the corrupt individuals are identified and the appropriate action is taken against them.

We need to identify and punish the culprits.Only then will the culture change because their equally corrupt, but at the moment anonymous, colleagues will not want to follow them into prison.

Remember these are human beings who would pursue their own self-serving, morally corrupt and in some cases criminal activities in any business sector.It just so happens they’ve identified banking as being an industry which is above the law and therefore they are immune to prosecution.

So, let’s stop referring to corrupt banks and instead  use the correct term- corrupt bankers.

Here’s a few already identified by the Police & Crime Commissioner of Thames Valley Police: