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It is possible for consumer power to swiftly turn a company’s brand from a positive to a negative.

Ratner is the oft quoted example but there are an increasing number of large businesses with major brands that are now viewed negatively by consumers. BP, VW, OXFAM, FIFA, American Airlines and  British Airways to name just a few. The damage to RBS is accelerating and you can tell from the desperate associations with charities and the constant running of their Black Horse ads that Lloyds Bank know they have a major image problem.

The expanded police investigations are going to have a further catastrophic impact upon LLOYDS’ brand.

We have secured the services of a highly respectable and very experienced brand analyst and soon we will be confirming the amount of damage that has been inflicted upon the Lloyds Bank brand in just the last 12 months.

We are talking about hundreds of millions of pounds of self inflicted damage and this man bears the ultimate responsibility.