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NOEL EDMONDS clarifies the situation regarding the sale of his homes:

” Whilst my battle with the LLOYDS BANKSTERS takes up a huge amount of my time I’m determined that it won’t dominate my life and disrupt plans I and Liz have been developing over many years.

I’ve received fantastic support from the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail and the Mail Online but I do need to correct the inaccurate story about my French home which gave the impression I was selling it  in order to fund my battle with LLOYDS.

This is not the case because, as the media including the Mail, have extensively reported I have a Global Litigation Fund-Therium- funding ALL my costs so my personal finances aren’t under threat. Indeed I’ve already declined an offer for my beautiful French house above the Sotheby’s quoted price.Its a very special home and I’m in no hurry to sell.

To avoid any future confusion and speculation I’m today confirming that my UK home Fieldgrove House near Bath goes on the market next month. Again the sale is unrelated to my battle with LLOYDS and merely reflects the fact I’m not spending enough time in the UK to warrant owning a property. I’m not quitting Britain just very keen to pursue interests in other parts of the world.”