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NOEL EDMONDS believes Clive Lewis MP should be our next leader-

“My interest in politics was virtually nil until last year when I was approached by Lord Cromwell,co-chair of the APPG on ‘Fair Business Banking’ who was interested to learn  how Lloyds Banking Group were treating victims of their criminality. I was extremely impressed with Lord Cromwell’s determination to secure change in the UK banking system. As a former banker himself he was deeply concerned about the appalling reputation of the City and the continuing reluctance of leading UK bankers to acknowledge their past misdemeanours and make appropriate amends.

During a subsequent  visit to the House of  Commons I met Clive Lewis the MP for Norwich South and was instantly impressed by his integrity, sincerity and determination to hold wrongdoers to account and ensure that  all victims of  banking malpractices and criminality were swiftly compensated for their losses and distress.

Mr Lewis was the leading speaker at the recent parliamentary debate which initially focused on RBS but quickly became an exposure of Lloyds Banking Group and its appalling record of criminal behaviour. MP after MP described a Lloyds Bank culture of corruption, their arrogant disregard for customers and systemic criminality.

Obviously Clive Lewis is not alone in wanting to see bankers prosecuted and jailed but I was particularly impressed by the calm and measured way in which Mr Lewis described his support for all victims and his personal determination to ensure that UK banking would be cleaned up.

 Mr Lewis is a no-nonsense character and he has now upset Sir Howard Davies and Ross McEwan the RBS bosses who were  recently questioned by the Treasury Select Committee.

How has he done this?

Clive Lewis has dared to suggest that these two bankers are guilty of misleading Parliament.  Sir Howard has called for Mr Lewis to ‘ revisit the evidence for your comment as without correction there is a risk that Parliament has been misled”  Sir Howard is clearly blissfully ignorant of the breath taking hypocrisy of his accusation. I can imagine Clive Lewis laughing for some time when that letter arrived.

As with Lord Blackwell and Horty Nosorio their opposite numbers at Lloyds bank, the chairman and CEO of RBS hide behind  fancy terminology and hollow words. As Clive Lewis knows only too well both RBS and Lloyds are rotten to the core. Both banks are run by morally corrupt individuals who have  boosted their bonuses by stripping assets out of sound and profitable businesses and then destroying their owners livelihoods.

Let’s not forget Mr McEwan originally denied that the notorious GRG was a profit generator. He claimed that all of the businesses that failed ( 92% of the businesses in the unit!) were going to fail anyway. He was forced to change his position when it was revealed that RBS made profits of billions from the unit and internal memos proved the operation was in fact a business abattoir. In the end both men were forced to apologise but even then they didn’t  admit that they originally lied.

Maybe you’ve noticed that banker’s use of the English language is fundamentally different to the rest of us. For example an ‘independent enquiry’ is never independent.In the case of Lloyds Bank they use their own highly paid lawyers to conduct the enquiry!

These bankers defend their wrongdoing using phrases such as-” we were unaware of the detail of the situation at the time” and ‘there was never a  strategy orchestrated by senior management and the problems are attributable to just a few bad apples.”

 Clive Lewis has cut through all this banker crap. With the courage of a true parliamentarian he’s determined that the real people should see real justice and  has pointed an accusatory finger at these unscrupulous, unprofessional men. I admire Mr Lewis for his restrained language and we should all be grateful that he is not frightened by these banker bullies in the way that Andrew Bailey of the FCA clearly is.

 Keep your eye on Mr Lewis. I hope he has a meteoric rise to the highest office in the land. We need someone of his integrity and determination to steer the UK to a brighter and more secure future.”