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And the award goes to Andrew Bailey- Head of the ineffectual, inefficient and some would say corrupt FCA.
Bailey’s excuse for not publishing the FCA report which reveals the depth of wrongdoing by RBS and the criminal destruction of 1000’s of SME’s across the UK by the RBS’ GRG division is that he fears legal action against the FCA by those who are named and shamed! UH?

                  “Bailey’s cowardice sums up the state of UK banking today”

The criticisms and accusations in the FCA report are accurate and justified but Bailey is too frightened of those he’s supposed to regulate that he’s going to pretend it never happened. RBS systematically stripped honest business men and women of their money and their assets in order to boost their flagging revenues and top up executive bonuses and Bailey is too frightened of these RBS Banksters to nail the guilty individuals.
Mr Bailey, on behalf of the RBS, (and because of your despicable yellow streak also FCA victims), we name you COWARD OF THE YEAR.

(Shame we can’t call him chinless Bailey)