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“Noel, my Husband, Brother and Sister in-law and myself were at the SME Alliance meeting, we are a Farming Family who have lost everything thanks to Lynden Scourfield and HBOS, I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing in highlighting this crime by the bank and supporting all the victims, you have a way of saying just how it is, keep up the good work you have a lot of support, it took courage to tell the world what you have been through and makes the other victims realise we are not alone xx”

We receive a constant stream of emails detailing the most appalling ‘crimes’ by bankers.We’ve added the ‘ ‘  because in most cases we are seeing an absence of professional morality and ethics rather than a proven crime.Although their immoral behaviour is so disgusting that it should be made illegal.

These bankers, assisted by highly paid lawyers operate in a different world-a moral vacuum-where they have no consideration for the livelihoods and well-being of customers who they simply regard as people to be exploited.

Please don’t fall prey to their propaganda with the expensive TV commercials with the syrupy dialogue or their cynical association with cancer sufferers. The reality is that from the moment you are on their radar they regard you as fair game. Your money becomes their money and they will use it to line their pockets and boost their lifestyle. Then when you realise what they’re up to just try getting your money back!!