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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

From: Garry Moat
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:19 PM
Cc: Joanne Moat
Subject: FW: Noel Edmonds- your client

Dear Sir,

With regards to our telephone conversation where you kindly asked me to write a brief email for your client, please find attached our claim document which I assure you takes only a few minutes to read.

I read with mixed emotions that your client is gaining much needed attention for the continuing mistreatment of business owners, past and present, due to his celebrity and dedication. Happiness that we have more public outrage, yet such sadness that Mr. Edmonds contemplated suicide.

The turmoil and frustration which innocent people have had to endure due to the trail of destruction at the hands of The Banks is immeasurable. I sincerely hope Mr. Edmonds knows that a lot a folk in our situation can only praise his honesty and openness in regards to his own dealings with Lloyds.

Our claim is for £38m, plus the average increase in stock and property sold (given away) during that period amounts to a further £29m totalling £67m plus interest.

Thank you once again for giving your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Garry & Joanne Moat