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ALEX BRUMMER: How Gordon Brown has declared war on bankers | Daily Mail Online 31/10/2017 09:50 Page 1 of 6 Stinging rage at city fat cats who betrayed his trust: ALEX BRUMMER on how Gordon Brown has declared war on the bankers with his comments in his memoirs

Finally, after a decade of waiting, a politician at the very heart of the financial crisis has found the courage to hit back hard at the greedy bankers who wreaked havoc on the economy. The former Labour chancellor’s declaration of war on the fat cat, lying and irresponsible bankers at Royal Bank of Scotland, Northern Rock, HBOS and Barclays is unprecedented, coming as it does from one of the major players before, during and after the meltdown that squeezed the living standards of almost every citizen in Britain.

And it should find great favour among the public, which has never forgiven the bankers for their rapacious behaviour. Brown’s opinion has particular resonance because this was the prime minister who claimed before the Commons that he had ‘saved the world’ after launching a bailout of the British financial system, which at its peak put the taxpayer in hock for almost one trillion pounds, or around half the total output of the whole British economy.