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Every time LLOYDS BANK face accusations of wrongdoing, which is pretty much every day now, they roll out their PR and legal GOBLINS who chatter absolute nonsense or complete lies.


For example take the statement issued in response to the internal report, Project Lord Turnbull, which they commissioned but then hid away because it names the crooks in both HBOS and LLOYDS BANK and was exposed last week by an MP, the media and one of the convicted LLOYDS BANK criminals.


Referring to the Turnbull report LLOYDS said:

“It was not commissioned by the group but was written by a former employee whilst employed by us” 


2 points here:

1-She was employed by LLOYDS BANK when asked to compile the report. The only reason she’s a ‘former employee’ is because they promptly fired her, threatened her to keep silent and in recent years, because she co-operated with Thames Valley police, made her life utter misery.

2-If she wasn’t working under the instructions of LLOYDS BANK, her employers, why didn’t they censure her for doing stuff she hadn’t been asked to do? Was she so bored at work that she wrote random reports?

“Oh god its only Wednesday I’m so bored, I’ve done my nails, so I’ll write a report into….why Reading is a shit hole….or, how many women has the Antonio shagged this week…..or why do the Mafia complain that Lloyds is moving in on their patch?





 The Gresham Goblins also trotted out the same pseudo-honesty when they stated:


“We are determined to get to the bottom of what happened in HBOS Reading”


Suggestion 1-Your’e looking at the wrong place-what happened is at the top not the bottom.

Suggestion 2: Drop the Reading charade-the criminality is in your National and International DNA.