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MR GRIGGS-He’s not a real professor, he was gifted the title by Glasgow University. so, there is no academic achievement and in fact no previous experience in handling any business related matter of this significance.

GRIGGS is just in it to line his own pocket.

LORD BLACKHORSE lied to the AGM when he said the compensation figure would not be set by LLOYDS BANK and then in a newspaper interview GRIGGS confirmed that LLOYDS BANK set the figure and if he likes it he rubber stamps it. There are no reports of him ever challenging the figure that LLOYDS BANK guestimate is the minimum they will have to fork out to shut up a victim. Remember anyone who settles has to sign a gagging order. Thankfully more and more individuals are refusing to be gagged in return for a pittance.

GRIGGS name will definitely be on the charge sheet when the criminal proceedings start rolling in.