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Russel Griggs-masquerading as a bone fide Professor- has given his name and his tarnished reputation to the utterly corrupt ‘Griggs Review’  LLOYDS’ victim’s compensation process.

The new expression in the City is: “to do a Griggs” which involves selling your soul to get a few quid in your personal bank account-LLOYDS of course.

LLOYDS BANK bang on about the number of claims they’ve settled but not once do they say how many victims believe the sums offered are fair recompense for the destruction of their businesses and a decade of misery.

The reality is that those that have settled have been left with no option given their circumstances- fragile health, broken families and desperate finances.

Before they hand back the money they stole in the first place LLOYDS BANK insist on a gagging order which is why little detail has been forthcoming. But through our whistleblower channel we’ve obtained a copy of the letter Griggs sends to victims. We’ve protected the identity of the informant for obvious reasons.

If it wasn’t such a serious subject you’d laugh at the length of the letter. Its padded out to give an impression of the Great Griggs giving  very careful, and of course INDEPENDENT, consideration to the figure being offered.


 We’ve also obtained a copy of Griggs original draft

letter which LLOYDS pointed out rather ‘gave the game away’