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Regardless of one’s religious beliefs it cannot be denied that to a lesser or greater extent all religions are man-made businesses. Some religions support associated industries with which many people have issues  particularly in the case of pharmaceuticals, weapons and banking.

Mr Welby is the CEO of a major English business operating under the brand name-Church.

Church is a multi million pound business with over £8 billion of investable assets and yet it’s increasingly shunned by consumers no longer interested in its products, which they regard as inappropriate for their lifestyle, and their “services” are in terminal decline. Rather than focus upon saving his business Mr Welby, who  promotes himself on the basis of his previous real-world corporate experiences, chooses to dabble in politics and lash out at other large businesses. There has been a long history of his predecessors engaging in politics, indeed they have a fast track to the upper house, but Mr Welby’s deliberately disruptive and provocative comments about other corporations are at best unwise and at worst plain stupid.


His recent attack on zero hours contracts and the global giant Amazon are two cases in point. Shortly after his pious outbursts it was revealed that many of his employees are on similar contracts and his business has huge investments in Amazon. He is attempting to discredit one of the world’s most successful businesses when his own organisation owns huge numbers of its shares and also invests in the controversial areas of pharmaceuticals and banking. One of his investments is in Henry Schien a company apparently ranked No1 for its healthcare services which is a bit like saying Lockheed Martin are number one for the effectiveness of their weaponry products.


Welby’s company  is also a major investor in the banking sector with large holdings in the U.K.’s most toxic bank Lloyds banking group. This investment is the most controversial as Mr Welby must be aware that Lloyds have been identified as being engaged in tax evasion, money-laundering and financing of the global arms industry. Welby is obsessed with the ‘evil’ of  zero hours contracts and the plight of underpaid employees so it’s more than a shame that he supports Lloyds which has been fined £28 million for abusing its own employees.


Lloyds is currently undergoing  multiple police investigations involving Thames Valley police, the National Crime Agency and as we learnt today Police Scotland.If Mr Welby  engaged in due diligence he would have noted from the recently leaked (by Parliament) Turnbull Report that claims by Members of Parliament that Lloyds is operating criminality on an industrial scale are entirely justified. It is a matter of public record that for over a decade Lloyds has been destroying the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of honest hard-working British men and women. Thankfully many of the stories are now being exposed by our excellent free press but still Lloyds executives lie to Parliament, lie to the police, lie to the regulators and lie to their own customers, investors and shareholders.


This raises a very important question- is it appropriate for Mr Welby and his business to invest in a bank with such an appalling track record?


Even if he wishes to ignore Lloyds proven criminality and appalling record of zero accountability and transparency the investment makes no sense on financial grounds.


The Lloyds share price has been rapidly declining in recent years and because of the adverse publicity the decline has accelerated in 2018. Whilst immoral analysts are now posting Lloyds as a must “buy” it would appear there are other potential investors with a conscience. So the share price is now languishing below 60p.Compare that with the equally corrupt, but majority tax-payer owned RBS, with a current share price of £2:60.


Noel Edmonds has joined the clamour of criticism and calls for Welby to be removed because every effort he has made in the past 18 months for a meeting with Welby to discuss the plight of the many thousands of Lloyd’s victims has been rejected. Edmonds, and now it would appear many others who have made similar requests, are denied a meeting or any form of future communication on the basis that Welby does not engage in individual cases.


In view of the fact that Mr Welby is, by his own admission,answerable to a far higher authority, is he really  setting himself apart from the mission statements in his company’s workshop manual- known to many as-the Bible? 


This publication repeatedly makes the point that we are all equal in God’s eyes and He bestows upon all of us individually His guidance, His support and His love. There is no mention of God  being selective in who He wishes to assist.


On the other hand His CEO apparently regards victims of banking crime as being outside his remit and beneath his consideration.


The word ‘evil’ has many applications and whilst there are undoubtedly evil bankers within Lloyds Mr Welby would appear to be the living embodiment of the dictionary definition of evil being ‘ungodly’.



In the last week Mr Welby has not only confirmed his unsuitability as the CEO of a major English business but he has also revealed himself to be an arch hypocrite.

Welby’s only chance of salvation is for him to remove his investment in Lloyds and apologise to those who’ve had their lives so cruelly ruined by Lloyds bank.