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Antonio Horty Nosorio is ultimately responsible for  the integrity, honesty and commercial performance of Lloyds Bank. Are we alone in being incredulous that the man is still surviving in such a powerful position?

Lloyds Bank is riddled with financial malpractices and  proven criminality.

Horta Nosorio’s business spends approximately £1.2 billion EVERY YEAR on lawyers to break victims, suppress incriminating documentation and deal with complaints and enquiries from the media, parliament and the police.

If any other major UK business performed in this way the CEO would have been fired years ago along with senior management and the Board.

Imagine if British Airways, Jaguar Land Rover, Sainsbury’s or indeed the BBC spent over 10% of its profits on fighting legal battles- something would have to change and the authorities would have to act.

 However the good news is we understand from our sources within Lloyds bank that Horty Nosorio’s days could be numbered.

Watch this space!