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Every day I receive dozens of emails revealing secrets about Horty Nosorio and LLOYDS bank. His ‘poor me’

Times interview turned a steady flow into a torrent.

Every hour I’m being sent information alleging, and in certain cases proving, serious wrong doing in LLOYDS.

And then there are the heartbreaking emails detailing the destruction of businesses of every size, the loss of livelihoods and the

break up of families.

I am now in regular communications with three people who recently considered suicide but thankfully learnt of my own

experience and took new heart.

Then there was Peter- who said that he was so emotionally broken by criminal bankers that he intended acquiring a gun and

within the next 28 days was going down to his local bank to shoot himself in front of the staff so that they would be as

traumatised as he is. Thankfully after I alerted Avon and Somerset police another tragedy was averted.

You will see below just one of the emotional stories  posted on our Facebook page.

It gives you a flavour of the suffering caused by these evil banksters.

It’s my intention to try and personally respond to everybody who communicates with me but please be patient

because, for the reasons I have just mentioned, my current workload is very very heavy.






Firstly let me say how much I feel for all of the victims of these vile, corrupt liars. I do not wish to be identified as my husband and I signed a Tomlin Order and settled with these vile people after fighting them through the Courts in person for 15 years. They took our farm, appointed a corrupt LPA receiver and sold it to another corrupt company. We continued to fight, in person throughout. Finally putting the vile creatures back in Court for sale at undervalue. The good thing about this is “disclosure”. I have the files for posterity. Lots was redacted by the vile creatures but there was enough in there to link all of them and their vile antics. One thing I have noticed on the comments no one mentions those vile legals that are part of the package working in our case with the Bristol gang. Many years ago I travelled to Bristol, for a meeting, went to Bristol head office, found I was in the wrong place. The vile ones sent me a limousine to be collected and returned to the station. They found it funny, I did not and never forgot the poor homeless and drug addicts pitched outside the vile ones offices in a seedy part of town and not the beautiful flash building. My promise face to face that day was, “you will go to prison for what you are doing”. I have tried to put this behind me since my husband and I settled in 2012. I now find that I seem to be suffering from “post Lloyds stress”. They stole my home, they knowingly trespassed, they knowingly lied to the police. I can prove it…..I have their memos and files obtained in disclosure. The police took their side. I can only thank you Noel for trying to bring these vile ones to justice,   to the attention of the public and media. There is a huge chunk of my life that I am unable to discuss in this new place we moved to, none of my neighbours know and I have no new friends as too frightened to tell them about our past. I would love to tell them of meetings, deals, me being made bankrupt so that I had “no locus standi”, theft and then return of our belongings by Lloyds. The memos they made about me repeating and adding to what I said. I promised them that I would go “on and on” I did. Just before the final hearing my husband said that he couldn’t face it. We settled in April 2012, he had a massive heart attack in May 2012 but survived after a 5 way by pass and new mitral valve. Last Sunday, I suddenly “woke up” for no reason, and realised what had happened to me. I picked up the trial bundle and started to read again. I decided to track down what that LPA receiver had been doing of late and a link took me to you and your problems. I have info I will share it I will help others. There’s more much more but most people would not believe it. Best wishes and hugs to all of you.