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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229


Have just left a message on your whistleblowers hotline number, I was assaulted by the thug on the door at Lloyds Head Office in Scotland on the Mound in Edinburgh, I went up to the door and the security man tried to block my entry, which as a shareholder he is not entitled to do. Once inside he physically grabbed me to try to force me off the premises, which of course I resisted, whilst demanding that they call the Police, me being the victim of a Lloyds Crime.


Then a very helpful chap arrived called David who when I related the tale of Eric Daniels criminality and Horty Nosorio’s lies and Blackwell’s lies was quite shocked. I gave him one of the leaflets about all our fight against the crimes of Lloyds and the proven lies told in support. I handed him the copy attached letter showing what Lloyds owe me as of 1 February, and the copy of the pack of lies in reply to my MP dated 16 June 2016 from the liar Ian Jones. This person promised to get back in touch with me, so I left my contact details, for him another chap joined this person and witnessed our conversation and took the letter (attached) for Lord Blackwell, that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to reply to factual matters commented on!


Then I asked why would they have thugs on the door trying to prevent shareholders legitimately accessing their property to discuss matters of a crime that the Board of Lloyds are lying about.


Also I have formally requested that should the FCA get to run the proposed Financial Conduct Regulator, that I get the very first tribunal of to show Lloyds deception and fraud and crimes for all to see.  However I hope the FCA are not allowed to run these Tribunals and that the Government goes with the APPG on this matter with completely independent Tribunals, given the FCA is currently running scared of RBS, with regards to their report. It was commented upon during the debate on 18 January in the House, that RBS should be the one fearful of the Regulator, not the other way round!


At this minute in time I have not heard back from the FCA, but the APPG are amenable to my having the very first Tribunal as George Kerevan then MP initially promised me, so I can get my life returned to me as the Supreme Court has Ruled on three occasions now and Lloyds still defy their precedents!  Incidentally the letter to my MP from the Liar Jones is so full of holes it would sink if it were a boat, I handed in an edited version replying on this along with the letter to Lord Blackwell.


Regards Dave Brotherston