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Following the LLOYDS BANK advertising campaign exploiting Cancer victims and the campaign linking LLOYDS BANK to Mental Health sufferers, the bank is about to announce sponsorship of The Samaritans.

A LLOYDS spokesperson said today:

” We recognise that LLOYDS must live up to its slogan-Helping Britons Suffer- and increase our commitment to destroying the health and well-being of more of our customers. The link with Macmillan emphasises how our actions cause serious ill-health and hopefully life threatening diseases such as cancer. We know how mental ill-health takes its toll, just look at our CEO Mr Horty Nosorio, and now we’re completing the trilogy of exploitative marketing by sponsoring The Samaritans.”


LLOYDS denied an imminent tie up with the Co-Op Funeral Services but a spokesperson said-“nothing can be ruled out when it comes to LLOYDS ambitions.”