On behalf of all the victims of Lloyds Bank’s proven criminality and corporate wrongdoing over so many years we remain highly critical of celebrities who are prepared to lend their reputations to Lloyds’ cynical advertising campaigns.

It cannot be disputed that Lloyds Bank has destroyed businesses, livelihoods and families. The strategy adopted by the senior management of Lloyds Bank has caused huge distress, depression, serious ill-health and even suicides.

Lloyds are desperate to cover up their malpractices which is why they are spending millions on advertising linking the bank to a charity which supports those suffering from mental ill-health.However it is nothing but a cynical commercial ploy and these well-known celebrities are by association condoning Lloyd’s behaviour.

We also have now received information which is even more disturbing because it goes beyond celebrity endorsement and potentially implicates the BBC.

Miles Pengelly is a Cornish farmer who, on behalf of farming victims, is now fighting multiple cases involving wrongdoing by LLOYDS BANK.

Miles estimates that the number of farmers who’ve had their businesses directly or indirectly destroyed by LLOYDS BANK runs into ‘the many hundreds”.

Lawyers representing victims put the number of farming livelihoods destroyed by LLOYDS BANK in the 1000’s.

Farmer Adam Henson is of course now nationally known as one of the lead presenters on the BBC’s hugely influential

Countryfile. Adam is not just a celebrity endorser but actually a Lloyds Ambassador.

If this is true it raises 2 very important questions:

1-How can Adam Henson conduct a highly paid role as a Lloyds Ambassador in the farming community when surely he must be aware of  the misery which Lloyds has bestowed upon farming communities the length and breadth of Britain?

2-How can the BBC allow Adam Henson to promote Lloyds Bank whilst at the same time presenting one of its most successful TV programmes? Surely Henson is in breach of the BBC’s corporate and editorial guidelines?

Lloyds victims look forward to receiving a fall explanation from Adam Henson and the BBC.