I am part of a group of Lloyd’s Bank Victims that have been sidelined for special treatment by Lloyds Bank Business Support Unit (BSU). We have been especially picked because we are sole traders or individuals who would not fall under the safety net of our paperwork going under the scrutiny of Companies House. In fact the only people that get to see our paperwork are the Lloyds employees that are executing these criminal acts against us. Quite a few of us were put into BSU despite offering to repay Lloyds, but then they very cleverly made it impossible to repay them by closing accounts etc, So we deliberately ended up in BSU.

Once inside BSU the rule and law book was thrown out of the window. Without informing us we found we had an LPA receiver, and (yes the one mentioned in Hansard Westminster Hall debate of 11th November 2014). Once appointed this man then proceeds to sell our properties without even contacting us. Lloyds were kind enough to tell my MP, once appointed they have no control over an LPA receiver. WRONG!. Lloyds have directed this man throughout the sales procedures of peoples properties. We then go on to my property, yes, Lloyds only had a charge over my land, but proceeded to sell everything on my land, and my property was NEVER advertised, I believe there is case law to prove the criminality in that, and you will never guess, the person buying my land was my neighbour, a Lloyds customer himself, in fact he banked at the same branch of Lloyds as myself, and has 12 outstanding charges with Lloyds, so they very kindly lent him the money to buy my land, I find that most strange. Even stranger is the fact the the Conveyancer Acting for Lloyds and their receiver, was not a registered Conveyancer, in fact she was just a clerk in a solicitors office, but she liked to call herself a conveyancer to look good. Add into this the fact Lloyds were happy to sanction the entry onto my property by a person with a criminal record at night, and what do you get ?????

You can recognise these special victims, because as farmers, and, as they have animals to remove from the farms, it means getting a court order to remove the livestock, but with that, would come the risk of the courts scrutinising Lloyds paperwork, so Lloyds chose an easier method, they report you for animal welfare issues, or environmental health issues, getting the livestock removed for them. Most of our special group have faced some animal welfare harassment, and I have had to go to court earlier this year to clear my name. Once sold our special people struggle to get any paperwork regarding the completed sale of our properties, and I am 4 years past the sale of my land, and money is still missing, and I have received NO paper work relating to the sale despite requests, also I still have the Lloyds charge outstanding against my name. This is just the tip of the iceberg of evidence we hold, but there seems to be complete incompetence of the authorities to get to grips with what is going on.

You would NEVER believe these are the actions of a High Street