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LLOYDS BANK have tried to cover up their criminality by obstructing Thames Valley police whenever possible and claiming that if there was criminal activity it was limited to a few bad people in a branch in Reading. The victims have always known this was a total lie and LLOYDS BANK executives have always known that criminal activity was rife throughout London & South East. The crimes were orchestrated by bankers in the London Bishopgate HQ.

The announcement that the NCA is now investigating the scale of the LLOYDS’ crimes finally destroys the bank’s claims and paves the way for senior LLOYDS BANK executives to be charged and imprisoned.

Noel Edmonds said today-“LLOYDS BANK have known about the scale of the crimes within HBOS for over a decade. Senior executives including the current management and today’s Board have been desperate to create the impression that the “Reading incident”, as they call it ,was limited to a few rogue individuals. The truth is that the modus operandi of those convicted last year was orchestrated by senior bankers who for the moment have escaped prosecution. Furthermore these crimes were not limited to HBOS. LLOYDS BANK took the decision to cover up the scale of the wrongdoing because they were doing the same thing within LLOYDS’ business support unit. The NCA enquiry will reveal what the media, politicians, Thames Valley police and thousands of victims have known for years-LLOYDS BANK is rotten to the core.”