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Juliette has given her consent for us to publish this heartbreaking account of how LLOYDS treated her, her late husband and her family.

How can we call the UK a civilised society whilst Banksters like Horty Nosorio roam free?

Dear Lord Blackwell, Lord Cromwell, Mr Sinclair, Mr Bailey, Mr Harvey, Mr Stansfeld, Ms Morgan, Mr Hollinrake, Mr Esterson and Mr Lewis

Lord Blackwell I am writing to you as the Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group.

Lord Cromwell I am writing to you as Chairman of The APPG

Mr Sinclair I am writing to you as an Independent Director.  I apologize for writing to you at Provident Financial, but you do not seem to have a Lloyds email address.

Mr Bailey  CEO of the FCA.  The reckless lending policies which led to the collapse of HBOS in 2008 and the merger with Lloyds TSB should have made HBOSs lending criteria more stringent.  However, the ease at which the late Mr Stuart Christopher Marks obtained a fraudulent mortgage in 2011 shows that little had indeed changed. (Please refer to Juliette4 in the above attachment).  Is this why the FCA issued the following notice on the 27th July 2017?:

I am aware and so are you Mr Bailey at the amount of complaints and evidence you have received at The FCA around mortgage fraud within HBOS/Lloyds Banking Group and I strongly urge your supervisory team of Lloyds Banking Group to investigate this matter urgently.

Mr Harvey I am writing to you as

Mr Stansfeld You have written emails on my behalf to Lord Blackwell, but to date I have heard nothing back.

Mr Hollinrake I am writing to you, as you are on the panel of the SME Alliance and you heard my abbreviated story at the SME meeting on the 18th January.

I have copied in Mr Ford, Mr Hurley and Mr Verity for public awareness.

My name is Ms Juliette Mottram, formally of 10 Silver Birches, Small Dole, West Sussex, BN5 9YT,  which was the family home of myself and my children from 1996 until our illegal eviction on 6th June 2016.

The existence of the following events culminating in the illegal eviction have been known by the CEO of Lloyds Banking Group Mr António Horta Osório since 

1. 1996. The late Stuart Christopher  Marks purchased 10 Silver Birches as a family home with the benefit of a mortgage with HSBC in the joint names of himself and me, his partner,  Juliette Mottram.

2. 2002. The breakdown of the relationship between the late Stuart Christopher  Marks and myself and his departure from the family home.

3. 2002-27th May 2011. All mortgage payments due to HSBC paid through a joint account with HSBC in the names of Mr S Marks and Ms J Mottram.  Payments made 
upon agreed verbal terms between the late Stuart Christopher Marks and myself for my living expenses, the maintenance of our 5 children and the day to day running costs of 10 Silver Birches.

4. 2009.  The fraudulent liquidation of Carringworth Ltd owned by the late Stuart Christopher Marks, by PwC onbehalf of HBOS Reading, who was my common law partner.

5. 27th May 2011.  The fraudulent mortgage obtained by the late Stuart Christopher Marks against 10 Silver Birches from HBOS in the sum of £195,000 under account number A/40192537-7 was completed despite not having a survey for mortgage valuation purposes   Halifax solicitor Involegal failed to register a legal charge over the said property. (Please refer to above attachment: Juliette 14,15,16 and 17)

6. Between 28th May -14th September 2011 I registered a restriction against 10 Silver Birches.

7. February 2012 Stuart Christopher Marks ceased payment of the HBOS mortgage.

8. February 2014.  Consequent to a court hearing the mortgage debt with HBOS, including arrears, was subject to a subrogation order as to £122,000 to myself
and £79,000 to Stuart Christopher Marks.

9. March 2014.  I applied to the DWP for Support for Mortgage Interest as to my share of £122,000 by virtue of the subrogation order.  The DWP accepted my application,
however, HBOS refused payments.  I was informed by the DWP that this was unheard of but they could not force HBOS to take the payments.

10. 21st August 2015 Stuart Christopher Marks died.

11. 6th June 2016.  I and my children were illegally evicted from 10 Silver Birches.  (Please refer to Juliette Mottram attached: Juliette1)  The claim number and the warrant number are fictitious.  In my absence, the entrance door to the property was forced open with a crowbar and my children were forceably ejected into the street.
Upon my return they verbally abused me and my children, physically destroyed all of my possessions, all of my memories, stole my jewellery and subsequently looted the property entirely.  My children and myself had only the clothes we stood up in and we were denied access to retrieve life saving medication.  I have complete video evidence to support this.(Please see attached Juliette 1)

12. June 2016 to-date.  Myself and my family have been placed in temporary accommodation 40 miles away from 10 Silver Birches.  The accommodation has been  declared unfit for human habitation by my GP and the Fire Brigade.  The accommodation can be described as follows: extensive black mould spores throughout, unsafe and exposed electrical wiring and a dysfunctional heating system.

13. Claim served by me in The Royal Courts of Justice against Bank of Scotland T/A Halifax for illegal eviction, theft of goods and chattels, non disclosure of proceedings, aggression, violence and assault in the sum of £10 Million (10 million pounds).  (Please refer to Juliette Mottram attached: Juliette 18, 19, 20, 21 and  ).

14. 26th September. Request for judgement and enforcement.  And enforcement granted. (Please see attached juliette9, 10a. 12, 13 and 14)

15.  26th September 2016.  HBOS Reading fraud trial begins.

16. October 2016 The illegal sale of 10 silver Birches at 20% under market value.

Despite efforts to resolve this matter Lloyds Banking Group have completely ignored all attempts by me.  As a consequence, I give you 5 working days (until 4pm 9th February 2018) notice to respond otherwise I will apply for enforcement at your head office in London.

In light of the above I request that Mr António Horta Osório resigns with immediate effect.

In my telephone calls to Lloyds Banking Group I have had to deal with a very impermanent employee by the name of Wendy Zeal.  I have telephone recordings of her being rude and disrespectful to me and my family.  I too seek for her immediate resignation.

Yours faithfully

Juliette Mottram


                 We echo Juliette’s call for Horty Nosorio to resign forthwith.




Norman “Slippery” Blackwell must also go. This Lying Lord stated at the 2017 LLOYDS BANK AGM that all victim’s compensation would be paid within weeks and most importantly he confirmed LLOYDS BANK would compensate victims for their losses.



LLOYDS are so desperate to reduce their responsibilities that the few victims they’ve forced to take derisory payments (because these people are emotionally broken and desperate for cash) have to sign an agreement that the money is for ‘distress and inconvenience’ and sign a ‘Gagging Order’ to continue the great LLOYDS cover up.