In terms of defending himself in court today-not so much GRILLED as


Victor Blank (he really ought to hand back his knighthood-Ed) looks a faint shadow of his former self. The former City ‘power broker’ struggled under cross-examination today in court in London. Tetchy at times and bumbling at others Blank looked decidedly ill at ease as he tried to defend himself against accusations that he failed to inform and protect LLOYDS BANK shareholders at the time of the ill-fated HBOS acquisition.

Noel Edmonds was in court to observe Blank’s performance and reported-” He seemed ill-informed and very forgetful. Blank answered question after question by pleading he couldn’t remember. Including questions about his own statement. In fact he came across like an irritable interviewee on a down market chat show rather than someone defending decisions that adversely affected the entire nation. Indeed a little contrition would have gone down well with the media and of course the shareholders who lost their savings.”

The case continues and we await Blank’s version of what LLOYDS knew about the HBOS criminality at the time of their due diligence into HBOS. Will it be the usual LLOYDS’-lie & deny?