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We’ve now amassed evidence of how the fraud is applied to businesses of every type and size. From small farms to big property businesses; media companies and even a football club and a major high street retailer. In every case the modus operandi which also destroyed Noel Edmonds’ group of companies is the same.

This is how LLOYDS operates the scam:


Locate a successful SME business with cash flow and assets


Lie-“you’ll be better off in our Business Support Unit”


Overcharge on interest rates and load additional fees


You then demand Personal Guarantees and charges over assets


Demand, with menaces, immediate repayment of loan


Seize assets, sell undervalue to associates,pocket kick back.



Thats how LLOYDS and all the big banks boost their profits and bonuses.

Thousands of UK businesses have been destroyed this way with massive consequences for the UK economy and the lives of millions.

Did they do it to you?