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LLOYDS BANK are briefing the media that their dishonest Chairman Lord BLACKLIAR did not lie under questioning from NOEL EDMONDS and they’re  claiming the strangled ostrich did rather well ‘in putting the upstart Edmonds in his place.’

Well check out the AGM video above  or watch on Youtube and note there are over 30,000 views and the comments are almost totally supportive. For the few who still can’t be bothered to appreciate why

NOEL EDMONDS is fighting the LLOYDS BANKSTERS the facts are actually very straightforward:


Noel Edmonds and his CEO Paul Pascoe owned and operated a group of highly successful companies which fell victim to the same scam HBOS, LLOYDS and RBS have operated since the mid-90’s

namely the asset stripping of successful SME’s.

Noel’s Unique Group had offices in London (2), Manchester and Devon and employed over 70 staff. The Group was growing swiftly and confidently but unfortunately attracted the attention of the

HBOS/LLOYDS BANKSTERS who bled it of cash, stole its assets and destroyed the livelihoods of the staff and virtually ruined Noel & Paul.

Noel’s fight is to get back his stolen goods.

That’s not greed, avarice or opportunism. Its called JUSTICE.