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LLOYDS BANK are on self destruct!




After all the public announcements about their determination to quickly provide fair compensation for all the victims of the HBOS/LLOYDS criminal activity the Banksters are now turning upon the two people who exposed the original wrongdoing. The Turner’s determination to reveal the HBOS banking corruption and secure the convictions of the guilty parties is utterly extraordinary. They should be given the highest honours in the land!

Instead LLOYDS tried to evict them from their home on over 20 occasions even after LLOYDS knew the Turners were the innocent victims of criminal bankers.But the Turners fought the Dark Force.


Nikki and Paul have shone a bright light into the very dark corridors of power and they should be applauded and supported at every opportunity.


Of course Lloyds Bank have other ideas.

These are not compassionate caring people who believe in justice for the common man. These are the U.K.’s ‘Untouchables’- operating completely outside the laws of the land-Antonio Horty Nosorio, Adrian White and the ‘Witch of Wall Street’- Malicious La Hood all remote from the appropriate conduct of a civilised society.

However, Paul and Nikki remember the mood in the country is changing.Millions of people, not just the victims of banking crime, have had enough. The momentum is building and thanks to incredibly brave people like you  we are about to see massive change right across the financial landscape.

LLOYDS is actually extremely vulnerable and without public trust its future looks very bleak.