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The reckless mis-selling of financial  products is a crime.

LLOYDS BANK were the first to spot the opportunity offered by the PPI product to screw even more money out of their customers.

As we know LLOYDS BANK are the biggest mis-sellers of PPI.

LLOYDS BANK originally tried to play down the scale of their criminal operation and said that they would hand back to the victims £90 million.

So far they have had to hand back an incredible £18 billion and recently analysts predicted this figure would rise to £19 billion.

LLOYDS BANK refer to this massive sum of money as compensation but of course it’s not compensation in the true sense of the word.

LLOYDS BANK are being forced to hand back money they stole from their customers.

So, the scale of their criminality is known and by their actions admitted, so why has no one been prosecuted and jailed for the PPI crime?