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LLOYDS BANK have accepted responsibility and liability for the criminal activities of the HBOS bankers.

However, Lloyds bank do not accept that there were any victims!

We know  from those attempting to settle with LLOYDS that the bank executives and their lawyers go to great lengths to emphasise that they are only paying compensation for “distress” and they do not accept that those who had their livelihoods destroyed by the convicted criminals are actually victims of crime.

Yes, you read that correctly-LLOYDS BANK has created its own version of criminal behaviour and how it impacts upon victims.

LLOYDS position is that the destruction of lives and livelihoods by the five people sent to jail for a total of almost 50 years was actually a victimless crime.

Here is the more generally accepted definition:


In the continuing debate over the proper scope of the criminal law, it has frequently been suggested that certain crimes are in reality “victimless” and that all statutes defining such offenses should be repealed or at least substantially restricted (Schur; Packer; Morris and Hawkins). Although all authors do not use the term in the same way, the following offenses have been included in the victimless crime category: public drunkenness; vagrancy; various sexual acts usually involving consenting adults (fornication, adultery, bigamy, incest, sodomy, homosexuality, and prostitution); obscenity; pornography; drug offenses; abortion; gambling; and juvenile status offenses (offenses that would not be criminal if the actor were an adult).

So, in the opinion of LLOYDS BANK, any banking crime is akin to drug taking,

gambling, abortion, fornication, incest,and even sodomy. It really buggers belief!