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When the economists,the analysts,the regulators,journalists,broadcasters and social historians look back on

this period in our nation’s history they will surely all agree the saga of the HBOS/LLOYDS crime, and the

response of LBG senior executives, was the single most significant trigger for the subsequent social, regulatory

and economic upheaval.

The fact LLOYDS executives blocked police enquiries has been confirmed by Thames

Valley police Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld.

The proof  LLOYDS executives have covered up the fraudulent activity at the time of the

HBOS Rights Issue is indisputable.

The evidence that Lloyds executives know about the criminal activities which occurred not

just in Reading but also Bristol, London and Scotland is irrefutable.

The  weight of evidence has been building and not even AHO can stop the truth emerging.

There are now just too many investigative journalists, experienced  broadcasters and editors of authoritative

publications  coming together in the pursuit of justice.

That most influential City platform-The FT-has lead the charge for honesty. The FT’s brilliant investigative

journalist Jonathan Ford has impeccable sources providing a constant flow of evidence which totally

demolishes the statements and denials of LBG.

The FT leader article was truly damning and of course prompted a response by letter from both Antonio Horta

Osorio and Lord Blackwell.

This attracted a suitably derisory response from the Police Commissioner and all parties who know the truth

about the discredited Griggs Review.

More irreparable damage to the Lloyds image and reputation.


The Mail on Sunday with a readership in excess of 6 million is also at the forefront of the media battle

to force Lloyds to be honest, open and truthful about past criminality and wrongdoing.

The FT of course focuses on the  banking aspects of Lloyds’ behaviour but the Mail on Sunday has

rightly concentrated upon the huge damage that Lloyds has caused to thousands of businesses and their owners. Livelihoods

and lives have been destroyed by the systematic plundering of small and medium sized UK businesses.

More irreparable damage to the Lloyd’s image and reputation.


Even the Evening Standard  has now turned against Lloyds bank.

Given that the editor ex-Chancellor George Osborne used to be a close friend of AHO  the recent articles in the Evening

Standard heavily criticising LBG carry an added significance.

Then we have broadcasters such as Channel 4 and ITV and the influential Russia Today. All portraying a very accurate picture of

a bank in crisis- a bank so toxic- that its very survival is now being questioned.

However even though the Tipping Point has been reached we believe its not too late for Lloyds Banking Group to throw off the

cloak of secrecy, to completely change its position regarding past demeanours, and embrace a new fresh culture of openness

and honesty.


                                              It’s not too late for LLOYDS- but time is running out.