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The announcement that the NCA is now investigating LLOYDS BANK is MASSIVE.

As a leading criminal barrister said to the media today: “The NCA would not be interested in Lloyds Bank, its CEO and senior management, if it wasn’t very confident that the criminal activity within Lloyds extends far beyond the 2 corrupt bankers jailed last year.”

Another lawyer commented: “The NCA investigating Lloyds bank is the most significant development since the take over of HBOS in 2009.The bank has attempted to blame wrongdoing on a tiny number of people acting badly in one regional office but the NCA are a national agency and their involvement alongside Thames Valley police makes it very clear that we are now talking about crimes on a very large and potentially massive scale”.

A City analyst puts it in a financial context: “Lloyds bank just announced increased profits but they made no mention of this investigation which they must have known about for some months. They’re already being pressurised by Thames Valley police over the Edmonds case but the NCA investigations take this to a whole new and very worrying level for Lloyds shareholders and customers.It will be very interesting to see how they handle this bombshell at the forthcoming AGM”

Noel Edmonds latest statement echoes previous comments made by MP’s:

“The criminal destruction of my businesses was carried out by Mark Dobson, now in prison, acting upon orders from the HBOS/LLOYDS High Command in their Bishopsgate HQ. Adrian White of Lloyds maintains that he knew nothing about the crimes until the trial in 2016/7 and at my mediation last November he stated I was not a victim of a crime but he’d give me £3.6m if I’d go away and shut up.

Thames Valley police are certain I’m a victim of a crime perpetrated by HBOS/LLOYDS and now the involvement of the NCA proves White is lying and there are many more victims. I believe this is an important step in seeing banking liars and crooks such as Horty Nosorio, Lord Blackhorse and Adrian White prosecuted and jailed.”