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Begin forwarded message:
From: Karl Capp
Subject: “HBOS fraud victims set to accept compensation from Lloyds.” What?
Date: 4 July 2018 at 22:59:24 GMT+2
To: Karl Capp
An unfortunate FT headline, when the story is so different.

The attached article didn’t cover those victims rejected from the Review process, or those dumped out of the process. How many are left adrift?

Some of the 50 were contacted by Lloyds and offered a ‘small’ compensation amounts to their surprise.

I doubt if the compensation has hit half of the £100 million designated, such is the unfairness and harshness of the Review.

I know of older victims who have said, the ‘take it or leave it’ offers have been extremely disappointing but in their late sixties, they can’t go on and litigation is currently the only alternative.

No one can afford the hundreds of thousands it will take to litigate.

Few of the 50 had significant claims. Very few, if any of the significant claims have been accepted.

The process has been tough on all, generating despair, a sense of injustice with no recourse.

The FCA has avoided taking responsibility for supporting any outside scrutiny.

This is a Lloyds funded, Lloyds governed process with no outside scrutiny. It stinks…!!!