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We’ve been inundated with letters like the one we publish here below.

The scale of the corruption in the UK banking sector is awesome and still the majority of the population don’t appreciate the extent of the malpractice and in some cases, particularly in LLOYDS BANK, outright criminality.

We have received hundreds of letters, emails and phone messages detailing the utter misery bestowed upon so many by these heartless greedy Banksters.


29th of November 2017

Dear Sirs,

As you will be aware Parliamentarians and the Treasury Select Committee have been instrumental in scrutinising the major UK banks treatment of customers in the lead up to, and aftermath of the financial crisis. I recognise there is need to draw a line under what seems like an endless slew of cases and redress for the industry, but I do not believe that should be arbitrary and ignore the many cases of wrongdoing that are outstanding. I am writing to you at this time because of your interest in the abuse of SME’s by both LBG (HBOS) and RBS (Global Restructuring Group – GRG) and the fact that SME owners have no protection from the banks by the current regulator. Neither can they afford the cost of litigation.

I was the founder of Heritage plc in 1980. Heritage employed 150 people including a number with disabilities. From a start-up in 1980 it was nominated as USM share of the year in 1989. In 1996 Heritage plc was closed by LBG in two hours, when it was operating within all its banking covenants. I, like many other SME owners, have provided a Personal Guarantee (PG) of my company’s debt to Lloyds Bank. A conflicted firm of receivers (Grant Thornton(GT)) was appointed. GT and LBG were jointly investigated by the then DTI for an offence under s47 Financial Services Act 1986.

The matter was also debated in the HoC on 7th May 1999 ( Since that date I have attempted to get justice through all the legal channels available to me and this has resulted in me being made bankrupt due to the costs of pursuing my case. In 2007 my MP, the late Dr Rudi Vis MP, persuaded the now disbanded Financial Services Authority (FSA) to look at the value of recoveries made by LBG against my Personal Guarantee. I sincerely believe the legal process was frustrated by a false affidavit used as evidence in my guarantee litigation by LBG and I believe the FSA would have become aware of this false affidavit because of their investigation.

Currently the new regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is further frustrating the legal process by refusing to release the result of the original FSA investigation or the briefing notes provided to its Chairman prior him writing to my MP.

I have requested these documents under the Freedom of Information rules. Unusually the FCA is preventing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) from releasing those notes claiming the FSA was and FCA now is a “business” and the threat of future nonco- operation should the ICO release them to me. I am aware that many SME owners have suffered in a similar way.

I am advised that the flawed litigation between LBG and me has set a precedent which has caused many other SME owners financial hardship. Like me, many of them would have been evicted from their family homes, having issued a Personal Guarantee of their company borrowings. I have been pursuing this for many years and do not intend to stop now. However, I fear that many others who have been the victim of Personal Guarantee abuse will not be able to continue with my determination as they approach the later years of their lives.

This is a serious issue and I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the details, the impasse with the FCA and ICO and wider legal evidence I have available on this matter but am unable to share in a letter.

Yours Sincerely, Jeff Lampert