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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

We have today launched a dedicated whistleblower service to process the steady flow of information coming from former and present staff of the FSA/FCA, auditors and the banks RBS, Santander, HBOS and LLOYDS BANK.

Much of the information being supplied by whistle-blowers is of a very serious nature suggesting LLOYDS malpractice and criminality “on an industrial scale.”

We have  therefore now teamed with the leading private investigator organisation in the UK.

These highly experienced former Special Forces personnel, diplomatic service agents and Met. Police officers are extending the enquiries currently being conducted by TVP and 5 other police forces to include other areas of LLOYDS BANK operations and management conduct.

In addition to the victim’s multiple accusations of bribery, forgery, fraud and perverting the course of justice they are investigating accusations of intimidation and threatening behaviour.

We have also handed over all of the information coming through our phone service and confidential email address which in addition to the accusations above, also involve harassment-some of a sexual nature- by LLOYDS BANK executives.

LLOYDS have been informed that these accusations are being investigated.