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We’ve been sitting on this news about the police action since before Christmas but only now are we at liberty to reveal that Noel Edmonds is regarded by Thames Valley police as a victim of criminal behaviour by employees of HBOS/LLOYDS.

This is a devastating blow for the current management of Lloyds Banking Group for 3 very important reasons:

  1. LBG have adopted the position that the HBOS criminality only occurred in their Reading office.  Noel Edmonds businesses were never connected with Reading and all of the criminality occurred at the London HQ. Current Lloyds management have tried to limit their exposure to expensive damages by always referring to the crime taking place in Reading. The police are now investigating Lloyds London HQ

  2. LBG will only offer compensation to victims who are prepared to sign a document which confirms the payout is for distress and inconvenience and in no way is an admission of guilt/ liability for any criminal activity on the part of HBOS/LLOYDS. Victims are also forced to sign a gagging order. In other words Lloyds admits that a crime was committed for which they are liable but there are no victims! They can no longer maintain this insane position because Noel Edmonds is recognised by the police as a victim of the crime.

  3. LBG have not only attempted to cover up the original crime they’ve also been concealing their own criminality which continued after their acquisition of HBOS. Noel Edmonds has given the police proof of this wrongdoing which involves bribery and perverting the course of justice.


 The original Thames Valley police investigation which took over five years, involved over 100 police officers and cost the taxpayer in excess of £7 million was codenamed Operation Hornet.

Bearing in mind that each year LBG spend over £1 billion- yes, in excess of £1 billion- on lawyers, when will their shareholders force the management to come clean, confess to past wrongdoing and compensate the victims for their losses? Or will this be another case of evil bankers such as Horty Nosorio, Lord Blackhorse and Adrian Wong dragging matters out for as long as possible in order to save their own skins?