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LIE 1– He didn’t know about the HBOS/LLOYDS criminality before the Southwark trial in 2016/7

TRUTH-Anthony Stansfeld the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner not only briefed him about it in 2014 but also sent him a copy of the Turnbull report.


LIE 2– Lloyds did not commission the Turnbull report.

TRUTH-The police have emails proving the report was commissioned by Sue Harris a senior LLOYDS BANK manager. When she saw the findings she quit Lloyds.


LIE 3– The contents of the Turnbull report are unsubstantiated.

TRUTH-The report was completed 3 YEARS BEFORE the criminal trial which proved its contents were accurate and substantiated.


LIE 4– The LLOYDS BANK Board were unaware of the criminality until the Southwark trial.

TRUTH-LORD BLACKLIAR has chaired at least 9 full Board meetings at which the HBOS/LLOYDS crimes have been discussed in detail and the consensus was to maintain the Cover-up.


                                                                                                 NORMAN ROY BLACKLIAR