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When HORTY NOSORIO appeared before Andrew Tyrie then an MP, who Chaired the Treasury Select Committee enquiry

on fraudulent banking matters on July 16th 2014, he told some whopping porkies and incredibly got away with it!

But now justice is closing in on  NOSORIO and LLOYDS BANK.

On November 30th the House will debate- “That this House is appalled at the conduct that

has recently been exposed concerning the treatment of small and medium-sized

 enterprises (SME’s) by RBS’ GRG”………

and here’s what should frighten the arrogant Portuguese liar shitless….

…”that there are wider allegations of malpractice in financial services”

At last Parliament is gonna wipe that smug smile off NOSORIO’S face.

And so begins his inevitable and long overdue journey to prosecution and incarceration.